About Us

Our Vision

At DA Custom Frames, our vision is to sustain the longstanding tradition of the small, successful American business model to ensure both lasting quality and handmade artistry for our customers. All of our products are thoughtfully designed and thoroughly handcrafted in the United States with customer satisfaction in mind.

Our Frames

We specialize in handcrafting unique wooden picture frames that will showcase your precious memories and cherished artwork for generations. Our solid wood frames are "furniture grade," meaning each frame is carefully assembled before it is masterfully finished. Each step in our process is intentional and significant to guarantee quality to our customers.

Our Shop

Focusing our business through our online shop, we have been able to supply our handcrafted products to individuals throughout the world. We are excited about the new products we are continuously designing and about expanding to supply new and current customers with our innovations. We are extremely motivated by customer feedback to not only increase our product offering but also maintain our high standard of quality.

Our Studio

From raw lumber to finished product, each frame is crafted in our studio, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Our workshop utilizes the back half of our studio, while our impressive showroom, which we share with Host & Toast, occupies the front entrance. If you are in the Atlanta area and would like to save on shipping by picking up your order, please email us at info@dacustomframes.com to set up an appointment.